LEC Summer 2022: Week 7 Day 2 Kicks Off With a Couple of Upsets as Astralis Comeback vs. a Surging Vitality, while BDS Find Their Second Win Against Playoff Hopeful Excel!

It looks to be a day of bangers as Astralis outscale Team Vitality’s exceptional early game and close them out for the win, while BDS secures their 2nd win off of NUCLERAINT’s record setting 14-kill Ahri game!

Astralis vs Team Vitality

Despite a splendid early game from what looked like a revitalized super team, Team Vitality get outscaled by Ornn and Twitch in another comeback win for Astralis.

Team Vitality showed off their renewed synergy with Perkz and Haru, leveraging Labrov to set up picks throughout the map.

While it looked good for Vitality leading up to the mid game, they did not press the issue as hard as they could have, which led to Xerxe getting a lot of free dragons even though Vitality were in the lead and winning teamfights.

And even though he played well in teamfights alongside Haru’s gorgeous Jarvan engages, it was Alphari getting picked off in the side lanes that enabled Xerxe to keep stacking dragons or take uneven fights, eventually coming from behind and stacking Baron and Elder to sweep the game out from Vitality.

MVP: Xerxe (2)

Berlin, Germany – August 6 — during the 2022 League of Legends European Championship Series Week 7 at the LEC Studio on August 6 2022 in Berlin Germany (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

Excel vs Team BDS

Another Ornn team hands Gnar a loss with BDS securing their second win over Excel, who might have just locked themselves out of playoffs with a most unfortunate loss.

Excel have been slowly getting worse since the start of the split, and with the effects of their magical Korean bootcamp wearing off, they are reverting back to the norm – the norm of almost making playoffs…

Easily the best player on this heinously bad team, NUCLEARINT broke the record for number of kills this LEC split with a 14-bomb.

Cinkrof and him were instrumental in finding picks and setting up xMatty’s Twitch to rampage across the Excel backline.

While I do not expect this team to return in its entirety next split, I am curious as to whether NUCLEARINT will find himself with an LEC starting spot next year.

He is definitely talented enough and has proven himself to be steadily improving throughout his tenure on BDS, even though his team has been the butt of many jokes this split.