LEC Summer 2022 Final Week: Excel Completely Crumble Against a Surging Rogue! SK Gaming Take Down Vitality With Darius and Yasuo!

Excel completely crumble against a surging Rogue squad, with Mikyx showing why he was axed from G2 in the first place. SK Gaming upset Vitality with a Yasuo comp?!

Team BDS vs Misfits

It seems that we have finally found a team that could take down NUCLEARINT and his mighty Ahri!

…or it seems that Excel are simply washed.

Well, whatever the case may be, Vetheo and Misfits were not having any more shenanigans from the last place team fresh off their second win.

Vetheo’s Sylas and Neon’s Sivir were completely unleashed this game, and with xMatty’s atrocious positioning once again being punished, Misfits were able to completely roll over Team BDS in their quest to secure themselves a Worlds spot.

They definitely have a good chance of doing so as well; with the Misfits organization confirmed to be selling their LEC spot next year, most of these players will likely have to go job-hunting next season.

What better way to advertise your skillset than to snag a Worlds berth and show off your skills in front of the entire planet?!

With how Vetheo and Neon have been playing, and the meta suiting their new addition in Zanzarah, Misfits look poised for the challenge.

MVP: Vetheo (4)

SK Gaming vs Team Vitality

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I remarked last split how this SK Gaming roster, despite their unenviable finish in last split, has an uncanny propensity to upset playoff teams.

Well, they might as well be headed to playoffs after that astounding comeback win against Team Vitality, complete with a Darius counterpick into Ornn and a Yasuo counterpick into Sivir!

Team Vitality seem to be suffering from the same disease that had afflicted MAD Lions earlier in the season – they can acquire gold advantages through intelligent map movement and ganks, but somehow fumble the execution in the mid to late transitions.

This is quite weird for a team as experienced as Team Vitality, especially with God-Emperor Perkz leading the squad, to squander leads repetitively throughout the split.

They were playing well until the 25 minute Baron mark, where Carzzy decided to stop DPS on the Baron and help Labrov prevent a possible steal. However the team was disconnected from his endeavor, partly in fact due to JNX running interference on Darius.

Nevertheless, this lead to Carzzy being comically mispositioned in order to help out his support, and with his solo laners being two screens away from him, gets destroyed, and SK Gaming snowballed the game from there.

Huge props to Treatz, who will pick up the first MVP of this split with quite an exquisite Rakan performance. His beautifully fast engages were instrumental in setting up Jezu’s Yasuo to delete Carzzy at the start of every fight!

MVP: Treatz (1)