3 Tips to Rank Up in Season 13

Season 13 is among us, so let us dive into 3 tips that can help you rank up to where you want to go this year!

Season 13 is now among us and with it comes a whole host of ranked hopefuls who are vying for that shiny new rank to show off to their friends. I know – I’ve been there and done that. So what better time to share some of the tips and tricks that have worked for me and many others in the past, to get y’all going on the new season!

#3: Prioritize Enjoyment Over Optimization

There are a couple of reasons for this. While it is fun to think about just how much elo you can get by one-tricking a strong champion in SoloQ, it is quite meaningless if that champion’s playstyle isn’t fun enough to maintain in the long-term.

Put it this way – you will play the game for longer and develop more solid fundamentals if you stick to fun rotations of champions instead of trying to follow the stock standard of advice of keeping a smaller champion pool or one-tricking.

That isn’t to say one-tricking or small champion pool isn’t effective – if that is fun for you, then by all means, commit to it! However, the most important thing to climbing is having a sustainable playstyle through fun champions.

This prevents you from tilting and swapping champions in and out after rough losses and helps you achieve a consistent base to build your fundamentals on during your climb.

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#2: /mute all

This is honestly a game-changer.

While you’ve probably heard this advice before, let me tell you about how it works. Now League of Legends is a 5v5 game and we are constantly reminded of how difficult it can be to have an impact amongst nine other players in your game.

While the in-game execution can be difficult on its own, what makes it more difficult is the constant chatter between teammates and opponents. It’s like trying to solve a complex puzzle while on a roller coaster.

Make your life easier by blocking out unnecessary chatter. It’ll transform League of Legends from a frustrating team-reliant experience to a more single-player story.

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#1: Play in Blocks

Playing in blocks is quite honestly the most underrated ranking advice out there. It is definitely given out regularly, but I don’t think people understand just how meaningful and impactful it can be to consistent climbing.

Having a set time for League of Legends ranking helps you get into a serious mode, where every game matters because there’s only so many times you’re going to play each day. Allowing yourself to reduce the amount of mindless games that you play and focusing in on each and every game allows for more consistent output over the long run.

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