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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching the White Sox win the World Series in 05. Yes, it happened, even if ESPN keeps forgetting it did.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: I'll say Lenzelle Smith Jr. because I went to high school with him.
  • NFL TEAM: The Bears
  • NHL TEAM: The Blackhawks
  • NBA TEAM: The Bulls
  • MLB TEAM: The White Sox

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Comment 21 Nov 2023

I think both guys are under a tremendous amount of pressure to be honest. 

But I'll go J.J. considering he's looked shaky/injured the past two weeks and won't have his head coach Saturday.

Comment 21 Nov 2023

I did reach out to Angelique who I think does a kick-ass job covering Michigan, but sadly I did not hear back, so we're rolling with a different writer. 

Frankly, I don't blame any Michigan writer for either politely declining or having the email slip through the cracks right now. I know that if the shoe was on the other foot and I had gotten what probably was my 11th media request of the week in addition to the other stuff I'm doing, I'd probably have to pass on some too.

Comment 21 Nov 2023

I can't speak for the others, but for myself, I'm usually at least partially aware of them. I've definitely read them a lot more in the last two weeks, that's for sure. And you're right, the stuff that is being alleged in recent days in those forums is pretty spicy. 

Every time I think this scandal can't get any more strange/intense, it always does, so we'll see how it plays out.

Comment 21 Nov 2023

I will ask our Michigan beat writer plenty of questions about the sign-stealing scandal, I assure you.

Comment 21 Nov 2023

The way they are talking I think everyone except Lathan Ransom should be good to go. We'll see, though.

Comment 21 Nov 2023

Nah, you ain't the asshole. Bring what ya want and eat what ya want. If nobody wants to eat your pie, more leftovers for you, right?

Always can't hurt to have as many options as possible.

Comment 21 Nov 2023

For context, my beloved Leathernecks own the longest losing streak in Division I right now (24 games) and fired their coach after he went 0-22. 

Honestly, I'm not even mad, it's low-key impressive to have 22 tries and not win a single game. 

(Also helps I haven't watched a game in like 3 or 4 years either).

Comment 21 Nov 2023

I have been informed what week it is, yes indeed. 

I wrote about it a little in my weekly Hodgepodge column, but I think OSU needs to keep Kyle McCord clean in the pocket. When he's protected, his numbers are great. When he's not, they're atrocious.

Yes, Ohio State can definitely beat Michigan. I'd guess the behind-closed-doors message is to play with passion while managing your emotions, which is obviously easier said than done sometimes. I definitely think the sign stealing had at minimum SOME impact on last year's game, but I'm not sure how much. For example two of the touchdowns happened because Cameron Brown missed a tackle on a short route and another because there was a massive coverage mistake. But to say there was zero impact isn't true either.